My WordPress Blog Wed, 05 Jun 2019 11:38:12 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Free Real Estate Loan Broker in Paris 14th Wed, 05 Jun 2019 11:38:12 +0000 You plan to make a property purchase in the 14th district? real estate broker in Paris offers its services in real estate credit in order to obtain your financing in the best conditions.

helps you and advises you to realize your project and financing in the most dynamic and fast way possible, we have a large number of partner banks.

Real Estate Credit Broker in Paris

Real Estate Credit Broker in Paris

Real estate loan broker in Paris offers a range of services and solutions: real estate loans, loan insurance, credit redemption, renegotiation, rental investment …

Realize his mortgage project in the 14th district is not a simple task, which is why , mortgage broker in Paris is there to help you.

All of our services are completely free: advice, analysis, fees. Our real estate brokers will advise you, is attentive and available for your needs.

We have experts in real estate credit who will bring you a service in Paris .

We save you time by building your file, find banks lending, you avoid the difficult stages of mortgage and save money with our monitoring of the market, obtaining attractive terms to subscribe to a delegation of insurance .

The commitments

  • Paris helps you get the best loan deal
  • We choose for you our best partner banks to get your financing at the best credit rate in Paris
  • We offer a real estate credit in line with your needs
  • We bring you answers to all your questions in a transparent way.


The 14th arrondissement of Paris

The 14th arrondissement of Paris has 141 100 inhabitants of which 71% of the inhabitants are tenants. It is a lively district of Paris with 99% of apartments and 1% of houses.

Real estate in Paris

Real estate in Paris

The 14th district of Paris is located south of Paris. This borough has 135,000 inhabitants, the borough is well served by metros and the advantage of seeing on its territory the RER line B. Montparnasse and Gaîté are in this borough, very lively places near the hypercentre of Paris.

The buildings date from the end of the 11th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The style of real estate is Haussmann, the streets have the look of villages, are pedestrian and shopping. South of the district is fairly recent construction, Montsouris is the green area of the 14th arrondissement.

Why buy in the 14th district?

Why buy in the 14th district?

The 14th district is pleasant, indeed historic areas are very well preserved. There are 2,230 local businesses including shops, restaurants and supermarkets. The city is well served by public transport with 61% of households without a car and there are many green spaces.

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Get a Home Loan Without Personal Support or Guarantees Tue, 14 May 2019 12:08:21 +0000

Banks have several financial requirements to give a home loan to a borrower. Among these requirements, banks want the borrower to have about 20% of the amount of real estate financed and this can be a problem for those who do not have a personal contribution. 

To obtain a mortgage without any personal contribution or guarantee, how is it possible?

To obtain a mortgage without any personal contribution or guarantee, how is it possible?

A mortgage can be obtained without personal contribution or guarantee. However, this is possible only if the bank considers you to be a good profile eligible for this favor.

A bank considers that a borrower has a good profile if he has a credible financial and professional position to a credit without contribution. This stability must be accompanied by attractive monthly income coupled with a CDI. Banks consider that the “good profile” is young, and has a minimum of savings.

The importance of the file

The importance of the file

Even if you present a good file, you should not neglect an important step: the constitution of the file. The good borrower profile must have an excellent record to obtain a mortgage without any personal contribution or guarantee.

For this, the future buyer must pay all of its current loans, especially the heaviest, it will reassure banks.

The good borrower profile must also ensure that its debt capacity does not exceed 1/3 of its income. A mortgage simulation will allow you to judge your own situation.

Finally, the banks will ask you for your last three bank statements, so it is necessary to avoid bad management of your accounts and your overdrafts for the last three months after the request.

Zero Rate Loan

Zero Rate Loan

The Zero Rate Loan is considered a personal contribution. It facilitates access to real estate credit. This type of loan is interest-free and is for people who have not owned a principal residence for two years following the loan offer.

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Non-resident and Expatriate: How to get a Real Estate Loan? Fri, 26 Apr 2019 12:03:24 +0000 When you are an expatriate, getting a home loan to finance a property is complex, but the situation is not impossible. Banks are more demanding but with a well-mounted file nothing is impossible!

Buying a rental property or a second home in France when you are a non-resident can be complicated. Far from French territory, banks will not automatically be able to finance your real estate project. However, there are solutions, some banks accept this type of profile.

What to expect as a non-resident

First of all, you need to know if your real estate project is feasible outside French territory and determine the total amount of financing you are considering. You need to know all the particularities that apply to expatriate borrowers . Loan agencies pay attention to this type of profile, hence the requirement under the conditions for obtaining a mortgage.

risks and disadvantages

Financing a home loan for a non-resident is quite complex. For good reason, banks see this type of mortgage as risky and risky for several reasons: the time difference, the location of the non-resident but also the fact that the distance between the bank and the expatriate may hinder their communication.

In addition, the process is also complicated for non-residents. Indeed, when one does not live in the country where the bank takes care of the financing, the jet lag can cause difficulties.

We recommend you to go through Lambert Strether, mortgage broker, to avoid all these difficulties, we have a habit of taking care of non-resident records. Witness the interview of our expert non-residents.

A complex real estate loan file to put in place

A loan agreement for non-residents is unique to loan organizations, it is not a case like any other. The documents requested from non-residents are not the same as those requested of French residents.

In several countries, the tax is subject to a withholding tax, so the lending institutions will have to pay more than your payroll, analyze the tax return.

Banks will analyze your employment contract, and the company in which you work:

  • You will have no difficulty borrowing if your contract is French but you are abroad: you are resident.
  • Loan agencies will be careful if your contract is local.

The bank may ask for parts translated into French or English. It is sometimes asked by the banking establishment to domicile its rental income if your project is to invest in rental real estate.

more complicated loan conditions for expatriates

more complicated loan conditions for expatriates

Going headlong into a home loan when you’re a non-resident is not a good strategy, there are several things to consider.

A real estate project as a non-resident conditions a risky record for banks, as said earlier because of the distance, but also because the mortgage will not be automatically profitable for the bank and the borrower. Loan agencies consider a non-resident loan to be unprofitable like other financial investments.

What is your debt ratio?

What is your debt ratio?

Whether it is a conventional home loan or a loan for a non-resident, the first item to consider is the gearing ratio, the monthly payments and the charges must not exceed 33% of your returned.

For non-French residents, the calculated debt ratio must not exceed 33% of its income.

Do you have a personal contribution?

Do you have a personal contribution?

Whether you are on the national territory or non-resident, the acquisition of real estate requires for the most part a personal contribution from the borrower.

As a rule, he must finance 10% of the price of the property you wish to acquire. In reality this contribution finances the ancillary costs of a property, such as notary fees.

For non-residents, credit agencies may charge you a personal contribution of up to 30%.

what are your guarantees?

Because of your non-resident profile, the bank will necessarily ask you for a guarantee in case of default of your mortgage. This guarantee makes it possible logically the repayment of your credit apart from the guarantees covered by your insurance of mortgage loan.

This guarantee is automatically taken with the non-resident’s home loan offer . It commits a property that is determined in the event of non-payment by the borrower:

  • IPPD (lien registration lender of money): in case of non-repayment, the property will be sold.
  • Mortgage: Similar to the IPPD, this guarantee targets the purchase of a new property.

What mortgage rate for non-residents?

What mortgage rate for non-residents?

Due to the complexity of the cases, the banks apply higher mortgage rates than those borrowers who are in France.

It is impossible to give a precise rate because as for a person who resides in France it varies according to the profile of the borrower. However by applying an average one can estimate the fixed rate between 1,50 and 1,75% (except insurance) for a loan over 15 years.


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Quick payday loan in the company Sun, 21 Apr 2019 11:16:40 +0000 How long do you think the loan procedure should last in order to be called fast? Contact our company and you will make sure that you need to spend no more than 60 minutes to get small payday loan. And this is the case if you are a new customer. Issuance of cash to contact us again even faster.

Microfinance companies

Microfinance companies

Loans in microfinance companies were designed to simplify the process of providing money and, accordingly, speed up the process. Since time is now more valuable than money, more and more people are choosing a fast payday loan from various MFIs.

Quick payday loan – Queues in banks

Quick payday loan - Queues in banks

Banks, of course, give out more credits and loans than MFIs, but loans in micro-financial organizations can be obtained much faster. In many banks, the client needs to provide the manager with a bunch of documents, answer a lot of questions, and, as a rule, find reliable guarantors. And before that, and still defend a long queue. Banks only benefit from the fact that their customers over time expect a service in their lobbies. After all, during this time, the client will pay attention to posters with new products, take a brochure to read, and in some cases will have time, even, to talk with a consultant on the subject of “best” and “particularly profitable” offers.

Quick payday loan to MFI only

Quick payday loan to MFI only

In all MFIs, they value, above all, client time. So, if you need to issue interest loan as soon as possible – contact the micro-financial organization. A proven company has all the necessary licenses and certificates, has the necessary experience in dealing with customers and convenient conditions, both for receiving and repaying small payday loan. So that working with it will be as convenient as with a bank with many years of experience.

Find out where to borrow money really quickly from the managers of our company.

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Loan Insurance Thu, 04 Apr 2019 11:37:20 +0000 The borrower insurance is the insurance related to your mortgage. Banks ensure the repayment of your loan by systematically requiring that the borrower subscribes to a mortgage insurance, this insurance has become a mandatory product for banks even if it is not required by law.

This is the principle of the unbundling between the mortgage loan and the insurance borrower introduced by the Lagarde Law of July 1, 2010. You have the legal possibility of taking out loan insurance with the body of your choice, it is possible to subscribe to an insurer outside a bank. I borrow Assures also gives you the option of changing insurance if your loan is outstanding and your insurance is already underwritten.


What is the borrower insurance?

Borrower insurance is a loan insurance that, although legally required, is required by banks because it protects the borrower from the risk of disability or death. It issues an extension: the ADI (Death Insurance Disability), it allows the bank to ensure the payment of the credit in the specific case of a death or a disability that would prevent the borrower to pay his credit of himself. Thus it protects the real estate purchase as well as the patrimony of the borrower.

I borrow I assure, comparator insurance borrower

I borrow I assure, comparator insurance borrower

In order to choose the best loan insurance, it is important to compare the different loan insurance during your real estate purchase project or during the loan you realize. That’s why we advise you to use the insurance comparator of our partner J’empronne J’assure which is completely free, online and without commitment. You get a mortgage insurance rate in minutes and also have the opportunity to subscribe directly.

Who are the people covered by loan insurance?

The insurance of mortgage is compulsory for the most often, and this insurance protects through a multiplicity of guarantees: loss of employment, death, invalidity … all these guarantees are specified in the general conditions of the insurance contract of loan taken out by the insured. Abroad, the only factors taken into account in loan insurance are disability and death.

The payment period depends on the duration of the mortgage, if the mortgage ends, then the loan insurance will also end after the full repayment. Insureds are responsible for their loan insurance, they subscribe to it and they pay for it.

Taking out insurance also protects a company that adheres to an insurance contract as well as all partners in the company. However, for the most part, the borrower insurance ensures couples who choose to insure according to a similar or dissimilar mortgage insurance premium rate.

Which bank or borrower benefits the most from the insurance?

Which bank or borrower benefits the most from the insurance?

The borrower insurance has a specificity, indeed, if it insures the borrowers, the real winners are the banks which benefit from a protection. Depending on the guarantees chosen by the borrowers and in the event of an inability to repay, the bank will obtain repayment of the credit directly. Banks are part of this contract and they are the ones who benefit the most from this loan insurance.

What are the different guarantees of the borrower insurance?

The borrower insurance has many guarantees:

IPT Warranty

Permanent and Total Invalidity corresponds to the impossibility of exercising a professional activity following an accident or an affection. The IPT is a significant level of disability, this disability is supported after the analysis of the state of health of the insured if his disability is greater than 66% of the disability rate for the IPT guarantee.

To obtain the IPT guarantee, the disability rate will then be calculated according to the functional disability rate (physical problem, etc.) and the occupational disability rate (inability to practice).

PTIA warranty

The PTIA guarantee (Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy) is linked to the death guarantee. This guarantee corresponds to a physical or mental disability in the event of an accident or illness that affects the insured person preventing him from exercising any professional activity and who has recourse to a third party to perform essential acts of life in this case, the insurance company will reimburse the remaining capital that is due.

ITT guarantee

The ITT (Total Temporary Incapacity) guarantee corresponds to the period of sick leave which puts the insured person in the temporary situation of incapacity to continue his professional activity. The insurer assumes only the repayment of monthly payments due during the ITT period.

IPP warranty

The IPP guarantee (Permanent and Partial Disability) works like the IPT (Permanent and Total Disability), however the support changes at the level of the rate, the insurance borrower begins at 33% instead of 66%, this guarantee brings a better guarantee. The insurer pays a portion of the monthly repayments remaining.


In case of a job loss, the unemployment insurance guarantee ensures the borrower for a period of up to two years, however it is optional.


In the event that the insured is deceased, the sum to be reimbursed will be paid by the borrower insurance to the body that will have granted the loan to the insured. Suicide as well as intense sports, overdose of drugs and other specific cases are excluded from the general conditions. The death guarantee of loan insurance is mandatory for real estate loans.

What guarantees to select for your mortgage insurance?

What guarantees to select for your mortgage insurance?

Depending on how the loan is financed, banks require collateral:

What are the necessary guarantees in the context of a rental investment?

As part of a loan for a rental investment, the PTIA guarantee and the death guarantee of the borrower insurance will be requested by the bank. The bank will therefore feel protected because you are in the ability to pay your monthly payments and it takes consequently less risk. It is possible to insure its loan work with these two guarantees.

What are the necessary guarantees for a residential purchase?

Banks want at least a PTIA, IPT, ITT and death guarantee as part of a residential purchase.

What are the different types of borrower insurance and which ones to choose?

What are the different types of borrower insurance and which ones to choose?

When borrowing, it is possible that a request between the bank insurance contract or external insurance is required. If you choose a bank-independent insurer, a borrower insurance delegation will be required. The Lagarde law allows the borrower to find the borrower insurance of his choice. Therefore, what insurance to choose?

For the most part, the borrower does not compare or negotiate with other borrowing insurers and therefore subscribes to a traditional banking contract, the bank therefore provides him with a mortgage loan insurance. From an established average, the rates are established around these insurance borrowers banks, banks take into account if the borrower is a smoker, if he practices an activity or professional at risk …

Beyond banks, there are external credit insurance (MAAF, AXA, April …). These loan insurances are more specific to different borrower profiles and can lower the price of borrower insurance .

A delegation of insurance borrower has many benefits such as the reduction of the contribution, the possibility of changing his contract each year and the permission to add new guarantees to his mortgage insurance.

What are the advantages of a borrower insurance?

What are the advantages of a borrower insurance?

Bank loan insurance , referred to as “group insurance”, considered as bank group contracts, and the delegation of insurance to external insurances are opposed. External loan insurance for banks is more individualized and parameterized than a loan insurance with a bank and offers more security. External borrower insurance takes into account several information about the insured. The delegation of insurance to external loan insurances also makes it possible to be assured of specific risks and to save money.

What the law on borrower insurance says

Law Lagarde

The Lagarde law allows borrowers the freedom to choose the borrower insurance they want from the moment the principle of equivalence of collateral is respected with the banking contract. More and more borrowers are choosing to take out external borrower insurance at their bank.

Hamon Law

The Hamon law authorizes the change of loan insurance after all loans after July 26, 2014. However, this change of external borrower insurance is subject to certain conditions: equivalent contract, change within 12 months, notice of two weeks …

Fir Law 2

It will be possible, as of 2018, to change the insurer each year with the new Sapin 2 law. The adoption of the principle of annual cancellation as of January 1, 2018 will allow the borrowers to terminate a borrower insurance contract on the day of the anniversary of the loan to subscribe to another loan insurance and that until the total repayment of the mortgage. Two months’ notice is required, as is the respect of the equivalence of guarantees between the new borrower’s insurance and that proposed by the bank giving the loan.

What insurance for what credit?

What insurance for what credit?

The borrower insurance is often mandatory in the context of a work loan, it is also put forward in a consumer credit but it is not mandatory, the choice is free. For a personal loan the borrower insurance gives you security, indeed in a particular case like the work stoppage, the loan is repaid by the insurer. For real estate, home insurance protects the house or apartment while a mortgage insurance protects the person if it is not possible for you to repay the mortgage.

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